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Kaagaz movie review: Pankaj Tripathi is the life of this Zee5 film

Kaagaz on Zee5 is a biographical drama that narrates the story of a farmer, who is declared dead on paper.

Kaagaz on Zee5 is the story of a farmer named Bharat Lal, who is declared dead on paper. What follows is his struggle to finally undo that on official government documents. With Pankaj Tripathi taking center stage, the course of this Kaagaz movie review is obvious.

The Story:

The story is simple, and there is little to debate on it. A common man struggles as he tries to take a stand against the government. But it is during this journey of his, that he takes on many ways. None the less, he still has to face obstacles along, and he is on the brink of losing everything. However, his faith keeps him going and well, things begin to change, for good.

Before reading more about the Kaagaz movie review, check the trailer here:

Well, Satish Kaushik and Zeel have directed the movie, with the former also playing a pivotal role. Meanwhile, Monal Gujjar, Amar Upadhyay, and Mita Vashisht are also a part of this film. However, pretty much all of their characters are linear, and we see certain things coming already. But as always, it is Tripathi who owns the screen, and how!

Kaagaz on Zee5 is the tale of a common man, with subtle commentary on a piece of paper, the system, and some more. While we would like to write more about other elements, this Kaagaz movie review needs to highlight what reflects on screen. And that is Tripathi’s role of Bharat Lal. Though we know little about him, we still understand him, and all thanks to the actor. The movie is not exceptionally shot, or exceptionally written, yet, it does not have a single low moment.

For the 1 hour 49 minutes, it manages to keep us hooked to the screen just about right, and that speaks for itself. Kaagaz may or may not be the best film of the year, but it sure is a movie worth your time. Not to forget, it is a Salman Khan production and he gives a voice-over in the beginning, and the end, and it is remarkable enough!

You can watch the movie on Zee5.

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