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Kaali Khuhi review: The Netflix thriller is a fair attempt at delving deep into the dark horrors from the past

Kaali Khuhi is now streaming on Netflix. It features a rich cast of Shabana Azmi, Satyadeep Misra, Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Riva Arora. Touted to be a horror thriller, the message it aims to achieve is one that is as clear as ever. Before we get into the Kaali Khuhi review, it is known well that the movie deals with female infanticide. (will keep the spoilers away!)

As has already been seen in the trailer, we do know the gist of the movie. None the less, the first scene, only manages to establish the tone better. The Kaali Khuhi (black well) is introduced to us in the very beginning while also depicting why is it called so. When the first scene sets it, one would like to believe that there will be jump scares, but alas!

The story revolves around Shivangi (Riva), who travels to the said village in Punjab along with her parents. Darshan (Satyadeep) and Priya (Sanjeeda) have opposing views when it comes to visiting the former’s sick mother. However, they eventually travel down and we see how the ‘need for a male child’ is deeply rooted in those from the village.

While it is the well that started it all, it also hides a sin that has been committed by the old lady and family. However, it is not just the well that is the issue here, but also a child, a ghost, haunting the village for a crime committed by them. While things eventually unfold, we are told more about everyone, Satya maasi (Shabana) included.

Though the tropes might seem complicated, have a look at the trailer before reading Kaali Khuhi review:

With over three generations of characters, the movie also projects various point of views, and schools of thought. However, the onus on what will the future look like, does lie on little Riva. While everyone’s acting prowess is on that should be appreciated, Riva is the winner here. Sanjeeda pulls of a good start, while little is shown about Satyadeep. However, though we’d have wanted to see more of Azmi, she seems to have been under utilised.

Even with everything in place, the highlight that deserves a mention in Kaali Khuhi review are the visuals. Sejal Shah has done an absolutely striking job at that, and the background score adds to the effects. However, what still continues to be an issue is the way the narrative progresses. Though the focus is on a cause that still needs to spoken about, it seems to have been shabbily done.

While things fall into place just fine, one might or might not be intrigued all through it. With the trailer, everyone did expect a better Kaali Khuhi review coming in. However, it looks like we’ll have to make do with another average horror, trying to make the story about a cause!

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