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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Kangana Ranaut exposes Anaita Shroff for being banned by Vogue and her association to Karan Johar

Kangana Ranaut is one star who has always been fierce with her words. While the actress has been vocal about multiple issues over the past few days, she is back at it again. This time, it is about the popular magazine, Vogue.  Kangana Ranaut exposes Anaita Shroff Adajania (Vogue style editor & now Fashion Director) in a new interview.

It started with a tweet she shared where she spoke about how despite being banned, Vogue continues to use her photos. She wrote, “@VOGUEIndia has banned Kangana, (her last cover with them was 5 years ago), because @Anaita_Adajania (their style editor & now Fashion Director) is very close to Karan Johar, but is it fair for them to keep using her old videos to keep making money?”

While Kangana Ranaut exposes Anaita Shroff with a tweet she wrote, there is more to it. In an interview, the actress revealed how she has shot for them just twice and got banned later. In fact, she also made a revelation about shooting with them during Fashion.

Check out Kangana Ranaut’s tweet here:

Kangana went on to reveal how the magazine shot with Priyanka Chopra but did not put her on the cover. Wonder why? Well, they told her how she is not an A-lister. However, as Kangana Ranaut exposes Anaita Shroff, she revealed further details from a shoot. In an interview, she said, “In 2014, Vogue approached me for a cover but Anaita refused to style me. She sent her assistant and they shot it in Mukesh Mills.”

She further added, “In 2015, post my sudden ascend to the top position, they said if I want to do covers with them then I must attend their beauty awards. I requested like other film stars I too want to shoot outdoors for a cover story with Vogue. I requested that Anaita styled me. They promised but again they shot my cover in Mukesh Mills (same location they did the last cover) and when I asked for clothes fitting, they said ‘If you want Anaita to style you she will directly come to location no fittings for you’. This was shocking behaviour. I felt so humiliated.”

And well, it looks like that is all about how Kangana Ranaut exposes Anaita Shroff and some more. Well, Anaita’s association with Karan Johar has also been questioned by the actress. In fact, these revelations sure make us wonder so much, don’t they?

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