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Khaali Peeli Review: Ishaan Khatter’s antics are a key takeaway from this desi entertainer

Khaali Peeli features Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday in rather picturesque roles. The story that the movie sets out to narrate is as dramatic as it gets, with a touch of action. There are the bad guys, a filmy flashback to the ongoing story, and the premise for a budding love story. None the less, this Khaali Peeli review feels Ishaan as Vijay aka Blackie must get his due credit.

Without any adieu, the story kickstarts on a filmy note, takes a turn that is as dramatic as ever, and then, begins the chase. It is moments after the first half an hour or so, that some might feel to disconnect. We see Blackie out of prison while he lights a cigarette and gives it away (read: throws) to the constable, in full tashan!

Eventually, we are shown some flashbacks and cut to, we see childhood buddies Blackie and Pooja (Ananya). While we get a glimpse of what’s in the past, we are shown what is going on. Amid all of this, there is a constant thought making us wonder if there’s going to be a perfect ending after all. Well, you gotta watch the film for that once you read this Khaali Peeli review.

Check out the trailer here:

Now, among others, we have the goon that Jaideep Ahlawat’s Yusuf is. Adding a wave of comedy is Satish Kaushik’s character. While we won’t call ourselves huge fans of the story, the performances sort of make up for what’s lost there. The screenplay and cinematography are played out well, showing the different side of Mumbai.

Through all of this, our clear winner is Khatter’s outstanding antics, one that he pulls of impressively. While we’d expect better chemistry as far as Ishaan and Ananya are concerned, it is pleasant to look at. None the less, Ananya does fall a little short on her performances, even though it is visible how hard she is trying.

This Khaali Peeli review will be incomplete without mention of Khan’s direction. He has a vision that not many do. Even with a desi entertainer like this, he has played around with what’s important. After Ishaan, Jaideep’s acting prowess stands out like no other. While you’d expect that music will add to the plot, it kind of lags behind. More often than not, you feel like the film would have done better without the scores. None the less, not taking away from the writers and singers, for they’ve done their job just fine.

All in all, to sum up, the Khaali Peeli review, it is a desi entertainer we all can watch, but we can also easily skip! The choice now, is up to us as viewers, for it does decently, but not as well!


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