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Khuda Haafiz Review: The Vidyut Jammwal starrer runs high on emotions with a tinge of action

Directed by Faruk Kabir, Khuda Haafiz is what can be called an ordinary story with extraordinary moments. Set in 2008, the movie narrates what goes through when Sameer Choudhary (Vidyut Jammwal) sets out to rescue wife, Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi) from a foreign land. The movie is out on Hotstar and is one to watch out for.

What also draws our attention in Khuda Haafiz is how an inter-religion marriage goes through at a time like 2008, an arranged one to say the least. While it sure feels and looks good, we have our own set of questions about that. Meanwhile, what goes through is when Nargis moves to another country in the Middle East, Noman, she goes missing.

While the original plan was for husband Sameer to join her later, things don’t go very well. When a scared Nargis calls Sameer, there is nothing he does not do in his stride to find her and save her. And what is remain to see is the journey that he takes while finding the love of his life in a foreign land.

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On multiple occasions, you will want to jump off your seats for the sheer thrill of it, while on others, you will find yourself rooting for Sameer. Vidyut has done a great job at it, and for once, it is emotions over action for the actor. Khuda Haafiz is an action thriller, but not all of it belongs to Vidyut this time around, and thankfully so. He manages to lead the way like a true hero while exhibiting husband power.

Khuda Haafiz also has an interesting supporting cast in the form of Annu Kapoor, Aahana Kumra, and Shiv Panditt. All of them together, help take the movie in the right direction. Meanwhile, Shivaleeka as Nargis is yet another treat to watch. While this is just her second outing, she has managed to win over the audiences with her acting prowess.

Khuda Haafiz is a story that is sure to keep you hooked, but it has its own loopholes. None the less, it has an impressive screenplay with good writing. If you are looking for something to watch tonight, this film might be of interest.

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