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Korean dramas on Netflix: Crash Landing on You to Vagabond

For a while now, Korean dramas have definitely swept a handful of people off their feet. While it took the likes of Parasite and BTS to finally create a strong impact, it has now achieved a global wave. And well, with the growing impact that the country has upon the world, we are all driven towards finding out Korean dramas on Netflix.

While there is no doubting that K-dramas are a bit different from its cinema, they still are adorable, most of them. Having started off with my first Korean drama on Netflix, I sure am a happy human. Since I have been looking out for Korean dramas on Netflix myself, here’s a curated list for everyone else too!

Crash Landing on You

A Netflix Original, I was told that this is indeed the first thing I must watch for a start. So far, it has one season and over 16 episodes, one hour each, and I am hooked. The show narrates the story of how a girl from South Korea accidentally lands in North Korea. Everything else that follows is how an army man from the North helps her out.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

This is another of the must watch Korean dramas on Netflix, one that has been spoken about a lot. Interestingly, it deals with mental health, and while it is taboo in Korea, it is one at a lot of places. A popular author seems to have a personality disorder while a psychiatric ward caregiver has high emotional intelligence, and is to take care of his older brother. Amid all of this, a girl meets the boy and well, the rest is what we see.


This one is an interesting watch after all. Though it may not make it to all of the must-watch Korean dramas on Netflix list, it is interesting. The story is that of a stuntman who is out to find what happened with a plane crash carrying his nephew. While he has help from a National Intelligence Service agent, their investigation takes them to the Blue House.

When the Camellia Blooms

If you ask me, some of the Korean dramas are beautifully breaking taboos. It is through such shows and varied cinema that we get to understand how so much is the same across the world. The story is that of a single mother who moves to a small town and opens a bar. She is then made fun of by other women. However, a local police officer seems to have been intrigued by her. While the show is touted to be a romantic one, it has an additional thriller aspect to it since she is the next victim of a serial killer.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Already interested in the title of this show, this Korean drama on Netflix is about a former copywriter. Kang Dan-i is unemployed and a single mother. Meanwhile, her best friend is an accomplished author and editor at a known company. Things get complicated when she secretly begins cleaning his house. However, what follows later is difficult as she comes clean. She finds a temp job in his publishing house but there are more layers to it, all adding to the romantic setup.

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