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Laxmii Review: Akshay and Kiara starrer is an average film lacking both laughter and thrill

Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani starrer Laxmii narrates the story of Asif and Rashmi, an interfaith married couple. While we see things start off on a light note, it is revealed how Rashmi’s family is not in agreement with the relation. While there is too little that we know about them, we are also told later about what he does. However, before being told, we are also shown how Asif tries to burst myths around ghosts and those who loot in their name. Through this Laxmii review, you’ll know more to the film that there is!

Cut to, we see how things unfold when a trans ghost, thirsty for revenge, gets into his body and that’s where it all goes downhill. While the backstory of Laxmi (Sharad Kelkar) is one that makes us want to see justice prevail, it is not even one step close to reality that the makers do so. With all sorts of tropes that are generally seen in an ideal hindi horror film, we see all of that in time, but nothing seems to work for the movie.

Check out the trailer before reading the Laxmii review further:

While everything about the film seems to be as cliche as possible, it does have its moments. While Akshay and Kiara do a fair job, there is very little for the latter to do on-screen. As for Akshay, he could have done a better job if the character was penned with better detail. However, it seems rather shoddy. Rajesh Sharma, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and Ashwini Kalsekar play their parts best, even with lesser screen timing. Talk about performances, and Sharad Kelkar is the absolute favourite. Though only for a few minutes, his acting prowess is reflected beautifully on the screens. While there cannot be a Laxmii review that is highly spoken on, the performances deserve their dues!

While the film does not seem to be one of the finest, it has briefly highlighted some issues. Be it one about transgender rights, or interfaith marriages, and even something as small as land frauds, are touched upon. However, while trying to talk a little about everything, the result is one that is extremely haphazard. There are instances where we wish things were better, or at least an attempt to do something different. For example, when Asif takes the kids to the ground, it was predictable that things might not work out. Every time that Asif transforms to Laxmii, especially for the big kill, (sorry for the spoiler), it seems forced.

Though one might hope that all is well that ends well, this one ends at a cliffhanger! Wonder what that is? Well, we could see a second part of the film in some form, but do we want it?

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