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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Loki trailer has fans cheering for Tom Hiddleston in the series

The Loki trailer is out and fans can't seem to control their excitement around the upcoming Disney+ Hotstar series.

Well, while it started with WandaVision, Marvel is going to take it forward to the wonderful Loki series. After WandaVision, we have Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the next big thing is here now. Finally!

Do you see what we see? This is an absolutely amazing buddy cop movie of sorts, in the Marvel universe. Could this BE any better? (please read it the way we want you to!) Now, the Loki trailer has released and it has been creating quite the buzz. What we see go down in the trailer is super fun and also as interesting as ever, because Loki is fun!

Loki aka the Mischief Man seems to have been caught by what is a cosmic bureaucracy for he broke the reality. We know how he managed to escape when he stole the Tesseract. Though it is not all sensible enough, it does seem absolutely entertaining, doesn’t it? Also, not to forget, it has the amazing Owen Wilson up against him, so that’s one great addition here!

Check out the trailer of Loki series here:

Now, as for Loki’s release date, it will hit Disney+ Hotstar on June 11 and fans are clearly mighty excited. A lot is being said about the trailer of Loki series and also Tom Hiddleston himself. But something that is a constant conversation is the presence of a female. What is to look out for is if that is lady Loki or Black Widow! However, at this point, fans are also wondering whether it is just one of these illusions and not the reality. But there’s got to be a point where it feels like an absolute blur, isn’t it?

As fans await for the Loki release date to get nearer, a lot is being said online. Apart from love for Hiddleston, there are theories being built already. Have a look at some of the tweets here:

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