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Maara movie review: A film doing great justice to a remake

Maara is an adaptation of sorts of a Malayalam film Charlie and it features R Madhavan along with Shraddha in the lead roles.

Maara on Amazon Prime is a remake of the Malayalam film, Charlie. Dhilip Kumar makes his directorial debut with the R Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath starrer. While much like others, even this Maara movie review points out the loopholes, it is a feel-good movie at the end of it all. The film is more of an adaptation than a remake and one is likely to be left with a smile. And due credits to the cast of Maara for an impeccable job at bringing the film alive.

The Story:

The story is that of Maara, an artist and a carefree guy, and another girl Paaru, who wishes to feel free. How these emotions come together to build up what we see on screen is what the story is about. As has been pointed out by many, Dhilip has tried to give us more of Maara, with little left to imagine. However, Charlie had a sense of mystery to his character.

Before moving on to the Maara movie review, check out the trailer here:

Meanwhile, the story begins with an interesting twist and it is through the due course that we are hooked to it. While comparisons are bound to happen, it is the end product that matters. If it were on me, I’d say that Maara could possibly be Madhavan’s easiest best, top 3 for sure. Shraddha too does a great job. In fact, the whole of Maara cast is a treat, no matter how big or small their roles.

Apart from the Maara cast, it is also the portrayal of characters that gives us a better sense of understanding. The women in the movie are progressive, the kind we want to see more of. What makes us praise the film in this Maara movie review is its attention to detail. However, it can often be both a good and a nice thing, but it keeps the flow of the movie in place.

While we wonder about comparisons, what also catches the eye is how this remake isn’t a regular one after all. It hits where it matters and the feels are kept intact. As mentioned, Maara does a lot of things different rather than a scene by scene remake. It is all these things that make the film an interesting watch, to say the least.

To sum our views on the Maara movie review, it is a delight to watch even if you have seen the original. The film rightly made it to the much awaited OTT releases on our list.


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