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Madam Chief Minister movie: Richa Chadha pens heartfelt note

Madam Chief Minister is now out in theatres but netizens still seem angry and here's what Richa Chadha has to say.

Richa Chadha’s movie, Madam Chief Minister has hit the theatres today and it has been subject to a lot of backlash. However, Chadha decided to speak up just in time. While trolls continue to speak against the film, she decided to put forward her point of view.

Despite all the backlash, while she understands the place it is coming from, she also understands there is not much to do. Hence, on Madam Chief Minister’s movie release date, she wrote a note and penned a heartfelt note. She spoke about everything from the movie premise to people associated with the film, and more. Among other things, she highlighted, here’s what she wrote:

– I can’t undo historical caste injustices, or brutalisation dating back thousands of years.

– Don’t expect me to become a scholar or expert on the subject, by acting in one film, especially when it is as vast and complicated as caste and varna.

– I don’t even contest the fact that my performance will never ever be able to replicate the lived experience of a DBA actor. I am aware of that and it only made me work harder.

– As someone who is an artist, who considers herself an ally, I choose to do whatever little I can, in my capacity as an individual. I have attempted to play this part with dignity, honesty, and empathy. As that was frankly the only thing in my control.

Here’s Richa Chadha’s full post about the movie Madam Chief Minister here:

Well, this had started off with the trailer of the movie itself, and the uproar never calmed down. While we all want the movie to be a step in the right direction, it did leave a couple of questions too. Nonetheless, a lot is being told about the movie and one might want to see it for themselves rather than judge it by the cover!

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