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Masaba Masaba on Netflix: 10 thoughts we had while watching the show

Masaba Masaba on Netflix is as close to reality Bollywood as one can get. It features Neena Gupta and daughter Masaba Gupta in the lead roles. While the show sees the duo play themselves, there is so much more to the show than their lives only.

While the show has been receiving mixed reviews, one cannot stress enough as to how it does a fair job. If it were for us, we’d call the show a one time watch, but we’d still watch it until the end. After all, can anything Bollywood be complete without a happy (maybe dramatic) end?

Check out the trailer of Masaba Masaba on Netflix here:


1. It makes us ponder upon how social media has become the deal-breaker, and maybe, rightly so. Even though we never miss out on a chance to bash it from time to time, there is so much more there!

2. Masaba Masaba on Netflix is the story of an artist, more than anything, and so much feels relatable. That dialogue, which is also a part of the trailer, about creativity, absolutely perfect. For those who don’t know, it says – Creativity is not like a tap na, jab kholo paani behna shuru.

3. The mother-daughter duo is sure to make you miss your mother. If you stay away from them, even more! (dials up my mum’s number)

4. How it talks about some taboos and stereotypes, while also giving a first-person account of all those things.

5. For a show that explores the life of a designer, we all expected it to look at certain things more objectively. For instance, we’d expect more than just fashion shows from a designer’s life, or B-town actors too, for that matter.

6. Can there please be a second season that focuses on Neena Gupta? Given how proficient the actress is, we could all use that, couldn’t we?

7. Why is this a mini-series in the first place?

8. While watching Masaba Masaba on Netflix, you wish for some scenes and moments to be more intense. However, eventually, it is all just enjoyable max!

9. Irrespective of the fact that you liked the show or not, after watching Masaba Masaba on Netflix, you want the designer to give acting a fair chance. Oh, and wait, females taking the lead? Always a winner!

10. We must all own the hot mess we are and be unapologetic about it!

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