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Masaba Masaba Trailer: This Netflix original adds the much needed touch of reality to glamour

Netflix has an interesting line up of films and shows ahead and while it has kickstarted, many more are yet to come. With Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl flying high, there’s a show that we all have to look forward to now. The Masaba Masaba trailer dropped today and it has left fans might impressed.

The show is basically the journey of fashion designer Masaba Gupta, however, it isn’t all fiction. None the less, the story has interesting twists and turns to it, thereby making it intriguing. As it turns out, the best part about the show is the mix of humour and serious moments.

For a show that deals with the glamour industry, we also get to see a couple of Bollywood faces like Kiara Advani. Among other things, the highlight is the sense of reality that it brings with it. For years, we have been habituated to seeing a larger than life picture, but this is more than just that.

For instance, we see as a part of the Masaba Masaba trailer just how Masaba has to go through quite a lot, highs, and lows. However, what we also see is the attitude that keeps her going, one where she does not let her spirit being crushed.

Over the few scenes that we see, there are also a lot of complications involved in love, life, and family. While some moments make us feel like they are close to home, some hit the right chords.

Check out the Masaba Masaba trailer here:

All in all, if we were to say, this show promises to bring together all the right elements and club them into one. The Masaba Masaba trailer has been received well and in fact, continues to garner applause.

Slated for a release on August 28, 2020, the show sure seems to be a good watch!

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