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Master movie review: Vijay’s performance stands out in this desi entertainer

A Master movie review would be incomplete until we speak about the mass entertainer that it turned out to be. Amid the Pongal celebrations, if one catches this film, it sure is a great start to the day. With the hero vs villain story intact, there’s a lot to enjoy in this movie. The Master cast includes Vijay, Malavika Mohanan, Vijay Sethupathi, Arjun Das, Shantanu Bhagyaraj, and Andrea Jeremiah.

With due credits to everyone, Vijay sure has managed to bring about his staple moves to the movie. None the less, something mentioned in a few of Master movie reviews, viewers were expecting better after Managaram and Kaithi.

It is interesting to see how in an attempt to make the movie a desi entertainer, it loses out some points as well. If you wonder why it is because of the premise of the movie. Though Master has a story that can be an exceptional tale, it is caught in between the tropes of making it a mere entertainer, a one time watch.

Check out the trailer of the movie before reading the Master movie review further:

As for his role, Vijay sure does have a lot to offer through his character. And in fact, not so subtly, the film offers a handful of lessons as well. From politics to democracy to the star wars, a lot of messages have been sent with honest intent. However, what the film lacks is a certain essence, therefore not making it a critically acclaimed movie. It is those missing bits that play against this Master movie review.

Now, moving to others from Master’s cast, Vijay Sethupathi has done an absolutely wonderful job. As the movie draws to a close, one can notice how things are about to change. We don’t see enough of Malvika, the female lead. For an actress who is capable of doing so much, we were expecting more. The film is an entertainer in its truest sense. If anything, Vijay, alone, is expected to carry the film on star power.

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