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Monday, April 12, 2021

Meet Neha who translates Bollywood Songs in to American Sign Language

Have you seen anyone one translating a Bollywood songs in to sign language only to make the deaf and mute community feel inclusive of the world we live in. Well, a young lady based in the UK has started an initiative for a noble cause by translating Bollywood songs into the American Sign Language through a social media page to create awareness. Isn’t that amazing?

Popular on social media with the Instagram handle Bolly Asl , Neha is often seen translating songs into sign languages, especially the Bollywood numbers.

Here’s how it began…

In conversation with Platocast, Neha shares her idea of connecting with the community with sign language, “I got into sign language when I was 19 years old. I used to live in Canada and worked in a cell phone store. We used to have customers who were from the deaf and mute community. It didn’t feel nice to me to not able to communicate with them normally. We would ask them to write their needs on a paper.”

“This led me to learn the basic American sign languages and, then I decided to do something that nobody has ever done with the blend of my culture that is when I started Bolly ASL,” She further added.

She started this mainly to raise awareness and make the Deaf and mute community inclusive.  Neha posts  songs in sign language on social media so that people gain knowledge and likewise the deaf and mute community can have some good time via her videos.

Neha works full time with an IT firm and as a passion to do something for the community she translates songs in sign language. Today she is gaining popularity on social media and her art form is unique and noble.

Talking about reaction from her loved ones about the cause, Neha says , “When I first started doing it I didn’t even tell anybody. But my family and friends eventually found the videos on Instagram. They were surprised and have been supportive. They liked the cause and form of art.”

Lastly she loves the responses she gets from everyone and shares, “I love what I do and the reaction I get from the audience for my work motivates me to do more.”

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