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Cargo Movie Review: It is the sci-fi and mythology mix we didn’t know we needed

Cargo Movie Review
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Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi starrer Cargo released earlier today, and it has definitely kept up with all the anticipation it generated. This is no regular Cargo movie review, purely cause we don’t want to be giving away spoilers.

At the risk of sounding preachy, we got to give it away for the sheer portrayal of humans and the demons. Demons here, are implicated by the rakhshas, aka Prahastha. The human touch here is brought by Shweta Tripathi’s Yuvishka. Both of them are stuck with each other of sorts until they begin to make things simpler.

Before reading the Cargo movie review, see the trailer here:

While it has been said in multiple instances just how the story of the film is centered around cargo, it is not what we think. Up until the longest time, there were questions in our head, and we are sure, yours too. In fact, even after reading this Cargo movie review, you might not quite get it. I mean, who would’ve thought that this is how after-life could look like? And hey, what about Yamraj?

Well, what the movie beautifully does is bring together mythology in outer-space and club it with technology. Who knew that cargo would mean dead bodies and that there could be a peace treaty between humans and demons?

We didn’t set out to write a Cargo movie review in its literal sense but highlight just how advanced this film is. These advancements don’t come with heavy equipment or VFX, but just with the idea. For that, we must give a bow down to Aarti Kadav.

What the movie also shows is the emotional appeal that is present in the rakshas here. However, he is just going on. While things change for the better, Yuvishka’s entry raises some questions that will leave you with an after-thought!

None the less, there are also typical tools that are put to use. For one, there is loneliness in space, or a chirpy girl meets a lone-wolf attempt are some. However, those things maintain a sense of subtleness! It is that subtleness which enables this Cargo to successfully reach its destination.

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