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Must watch Indian web shows that you might have missed in 2020

Indian web shows have been one of the highlight this year, especially because of the Coronavirus. While we have all binge watched a lot of them, there are still some that many have missed. We decided to curate a list of must watch Indian web shows, a mix of underrated and not so much!

While shows like Mirzapur, among others, have created a lot of buzz, there are a few that went unnoticed. So, here’s a list that might help you find a show to look at if you are still looking for something to watch!

Here’s our top 5 of must watch Indian web shows:

The Family Man

The Family Man starts with being a usual police and thief chase drama but before one realises it – it turns into a surprisingly hysterical yet amazing suspense thriller that holds you on till the last scene of the show. Chornicling around the life of an office of a National Investigation Agency, the show does brilliantly with its premise of exploring hilarious scenes, mystery, and hidden topics that are subtly carried off. Also, it has one of the best cliffhangers seen in recent times in a web show.


An underrated series, one that hasn’t been talked about a lot, it deserves a mention in this list of must watch Indian web shows. The plot of the show is also one that has a lot of twists and turns and one will be left wondering until the very end! As to what has happened and what might happen, one wouldn’t know too soon. The show ends at a cliffhanger, making us want to wait for a second season!

Paatal Lok

The series is an interesting crime thriller and also has some violence here and there. It sees Jaideep Ahlawat take on the lead role along with a few others, but he totally steals the show away. What is fun to watch about it is also the treatment meted out to the show, with the ensemble cast. It is also helmed by Anushka Sharma, which makes it another master piece, and rightly so.

Made In Heaven

For someone who was beginning to get a hang of binge watching, I can rpoudly call this one among the first few. Apart from the fact that it comes from Zoya Akhtar, it also has a cast that is an absolute treat to watch. With actors like Shobita, Arjun Mathur, Jim Sarbh, and more, there is abundance of talent here. In fact, they are the reason that makes it one of the must watch Indian web shows. Along with that, the show also subtly highlights various issues, breaks stereotypes, while keeping in line with the story.

Yeh Meri Family

Yeh Meri Family stays rather true to its name as the show fulfils its primary objective as opposed to any other – getting you nostalgic. From the placing of a photo frame to the clothing every character in the show wears – Yeh Meri Family immediately transpors the viewer into their childhood. Even though there have been a few shows about the concept of reliving 90s, it can safely be said this TVF Play series starring Mona Jaswir Singh and Akarsh Khurana apart from Vishesh Bansal has done that in the best way possible indeed. Seldom does a comedy drama with a basic storyline turn out to be immensely effectie and that happens in the case with this show.

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