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Nepotism in Bollywood: Should Alia Bhatt really be called out for its existence?

Nepotism in Bollywood has been a phenomenon since time immemorial. And, if one comes to think of it, the practice does exist in all walks of life. However, what people often forget is how it is the talent that ultimately takes you ahead.

While Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has brought back the conversation around nepotism, there is a lot more to it. Amongst people who have had to bear the brunt of the anger from netizens include Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, Sonam, and a few others.

None the less, everyone is of a mixed opinion about why nepotism in Bollywood is unfair at many levels. And, talking about it is actor Rahul Bhat, popular for his role in films like Fitoor, Ugly, and others. The actor took to Twitter and went on to praise Alia.

He wrote: If u call @aliaa08 a product of #Nepotism then you are harming the entire debate. She is a brilliant, gifted actor, she is here because she is capable of carrying a film on her shoulders Ps- I ain’t her brother so don’t tag me nonsense without verifying who it is u r referring to.

Check out his tweet here:

Rahul Bhatt also spoke about nepotism in Bollywood at large while he pointed out how the trolls annoy him. While he highlighted how a lawyer’s son being a lawyer is called advantage and people often don’t talk about talent. In fact, he also asked people to look at her performances in Udta Punjab and Raazi before calling her out.

While things are deeper than they look on the surface, he did mention how people who are hurling abuses at nepotism have themselves supported bad films and actors. He told HT: If you want good actors and interesting films to flourish, you also need to go and watch them. On the contrary, you watch films of big stars, follow them everywhere including social media. Ghatiye filmon ko hit tum hit karte ho aur phir nepotism chillate ho?

Well, it is a matter of grave concern just how easily everyone has been questioning nepotism in Bollywood without looking at the bigger picture. If we come to think of it, the audience gets to decide what works and what does. And time and again, Alia has proved why she deserves to be here.

Just as Bhat says, nepotism is when one does not get a level playing field, while for Alia, it is guidance from her father. Hence, while she has had an easy entry into Bollywood, she has been doing well.

How does one blame someone for being born in a certain family? If it wasn’t Alia, it could have been someone else. What is your taken on nepotism in Bollywood?

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