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Nepotism in Bollywood: Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide spurs debate again

The debate about nepotism in Bollywood has been long due, however, it is seldom that we address the elephant in the room. Time to time, there have been digs at what has become of Bollywood, but true talent has always suffered. It is now when content has become king that the conversation around nepotism has found greater meaning.

One of the reasons why nepotism and mental health have become the most talked about topics is the death of Sushant Singh Rajput by suicide. No one saw that coming and in fact, condolences continue to pour in for the actor and his family.

Sushant had no Godfather and neither did he have any connections, and hence, has been an outsider. In fact, the likes of Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkummar Rao, Vicky Kaushal, and a few others too, have been treated like one. However, while there has been a conversation, it was never concrete enough.

None the less, this time around, the debate about nepotism in Bollywood had taken a different turn. More and more people have been speaking up, and rightly so. One cannot deny that the trend has been here for a while now and that we cannot deny it. One of the first few people to kickstart this debate was Kangana Ranaut and she continues to stick to it.

In fact, Kangana also shared a video where she highlighted everything that is wrong with Bollywood, including not giving the due credits to actors. While Kangana has managed to make a space of her own on her own, some have it the easy way. She also highlighted how Sushant’s last film Chhichhore was not acknowledged while Gully Boy received multiple awards.

Kangana Ranaut’s video:

While we are at it, we cannot miss the point that has been raised about star kids. Remember when Siddhant Chaturvedi spoke about his strugglers and Ananya Panday was trolled for her response? It is true that one cannot change the family they are born into and the privileges that come along. However, what one can change is the treatment meted out to those who don’t have it easy.

For instance, actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Jaideep Ahlawat, and so many others have been receiving so much love now, because OTT has given them a platform. And yet, there are mainstream actors who haven’t received their dues. Sooraj Pancholi and Vicky Kaushal made their debuts the same year, but guess who won the best debut award? Nepotism in Bollywood has done a lot of bad than one can imagine!

Twitter has called out Karan Johar and Salman Khan too for all the controversies that they have been embroiled in. And of course, it is no secret that KJo has been all about promoting a certain section of the people and not others. In fact, it has been alleged that Karan was the reason why Sushant has lost out on films despite his talent management company.

Some tweets about Karan Johar:



Meanwhile, the Khans have had a league of their own and Salman has been called out recently for his deeds in the past. In fact, his family has been blamed by Dabangg director Abhinav Singh Kashyap for having sabotaged the release of his film. While they have decided to go legal on him, will the truth prevail?

Nepotism in Bollywood has existed since forever and will always be a part of it, but the onus is upon the people to take a stand for what is right. Recently, Saif Ali Khan went on to call out the hypocrisy of Bollywood for their RIP messages for Sushant.

Talking to TOI, Saif said, “There are so many people who’ve made comments so quickly. And it just seems to me that people are somewhere gaining some mileage from this poor fellow’s tragedy, you know, whether it’s to show compassion or to show interest or to show some political stance. So many people are talking rubbish in this nonstop kind of barrage on social media and it’s just embarrassing, really, I think.”

This space will fall short for summing up everything that nepotism in Bollywood has done, and the struggle is real for those who have faced it. Many people rightly pointed out how there are many Sushant’s in the industry, and it is time we wake up, Well, rightly so!

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