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Netflix film ‘The White Tiger’ goes beyond social commentary

The White Tiger on Netflix features Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rajkummar Rao, and Adrash Gourav in the lead roles.

Netflix film The White Tiger has been constantly compared to Slumdog Millionaire. However, it is right from the trailer that this film managed to steal our hearts. At large, the movie narrates the story of a relationship between the servant and his ‘mallik’. But there is a lot that follows in between and through everything else.

The White Tiger on Netflix features Priyanka Chopra, Rajkummar Rao, and Aarsh Gourav in the lead roles. Other cast members of The White Tiger include Mahesh Manjrekar and Vijay Maurya in pivotal roles as well. Irrespective of how long or what have they all been doing, it all manages to make just about enough difference.

For starters, we see Adarsh aka Balram Halwai turn the narrator. However, his role is obviously not restricted to that as we also see him on-screen. Just like the narration, even the screen moves between the past and the present. However, we are kept hooked through and through, wanting to know how it all ends (or begins!)

While Balram is the servant, Pinky and Ashok are his masters, the latter more than the former. While he makes his way into their lives, he may or may not be prepared for what follows. However, something that is striking is this ingrained need to be the perfect servant. All for what? Without giving away spoilers, your blood might boil seeing him do the things he does.

We have seen glimpses of what follows in the trailer itself. It was right then that I knew just how much this movie looks intriguing. It was received well by the audiences and rightly so. Check out the trailer of The White Tiger on Netflix:


From the beginning, we know that this is the state of the country. Netflix film The White Tiger throws light on so many things, powerfully, and also beautifully. While we are made to see the reality of things, there are a lot of other things as well. For instance, we see the conversation about upper caste and lower cast, religion, among many others. This is the India that is a reality, and while some things might pinch us, it is what it is.

A scene that definitely managed to resonate with me is when Pinky is angry about paying a bribe. While she stands up against Mukesh (Vijay, Ashok’s brother), it still makes us question so many things. Apart from her questioning democracy, we also wonder if that is all that the plight of women is? We also see Mukesh mock her, and well, we also see her give him back later. (you’ll know when you see it!)

There’s a lot to talk about the movie, and while it isn’t positive, we talk about it in a positive light. The White Tiger on Netflix is a tale that needs to be seen. However, it might or might not be about a lot of new things, and yet keeps you hooked.

Barring Priyanka and Rajkummar’s accent, there is very little that is wrong with the film. Written by Ramin Bahrani, the White Tiger comes as close to a watch as it is to read it! (books always greater than movies of course!)

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