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Netflix movie Tribhanga is a beautiful film high on emotions

Netflix movie Tribhanga might be one of the finest you see this year. Before getting into what could be a movie review of Tribhanga, let’s get to the plot and the cast. The Tribhanga cast includes Tanvi Azmi, Kajol, Mithila Palkar, Manav Gohil, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Kanwaljeet Singh in pivotal roles.

As has already been narrated earlier, Tribhanga is basically an Odyssey dance position that is crooked, not so balanced and a little crazy. At least those are the things that it means, and Kajol as Anuradha is a personification of that. Meanwhile, we have Tanvi Azmi as Nayanthara and Mithila as Masha, the women around whom the story revolves. Each of them has various struggles, and also powerful stories.

The highlight of this Netflix movie has to be Renuka Shahane’s writing. To be able to visualize all this and bring it alive is a task, one that has successfully been done. There are so many topics that the movie touches upon, without making it look like things out of nowhere. None the less, at the end of it all, things don’t fall into place, and yet, it makes so much sense.

The very moment that we saw the Tribhanga trailer, it seemed to speak to us. The video garnered a lot of love and continues to do so given the buzz it has created. Check out the trailer of the Netflix movie Tribhanga here:

Well, without giving away too many spoilers here, the movie is one and a half hours of fun, emotions, struggles, and so on and so forth. Not a second in the film seems to be the kind you want to get rid of. If you ask us, it could probably count as one of the best. In movies to remember in 2020, Netflix movie Tribhanga is sure to make the cut, and for all the right reasons.

Something that has also been spoken a lot about is Kajol’s acting, which is absolute brilliance. In fact, even the critic reviews, as well as Twitter reviews of Tribhanga, have gone all out in supporting her. We cannot help but agree to all the love that the film has been receiving.

You can have a look at some of what everyone has been saying about the Netflix movie Tribhanga here. As for Tribhanga’s Twitter review, they are all praises for Kajol, while also highlighting the beautiful writing from Shahane!

Check out some of the Tribhanga movie reviews here:

Mithila and Tanvi too, are absolute treats and they bring their own edge to the film. Another must talk about actor here is Kunaal Roy Kapur. We feel he doesn’t get enough credit for the talent that he has, and his timing is a must-must praise! The supporting cast of Tribhanga too, manages to do great, including Kanwaljeet and Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, among others.

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