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Monday, April 12, 2021

Netflix StreamFest 2020: What to watch to make the most of it

The Netflix StreamFest 2020 is currently in full swing, and well, all eyes are on the screens right now! Check out our curated list for you right here.

Netflix StreamFest 2020 has been the talk on the internet for a while now. But what to watch on Netflix has been a question forever. Now, when you combine both these conversations, the result is a perfect list of shows and movies one must not miss. While some of them are relatively new, some might also be old releases that you might have missed.

Netflix is streaming for free in India for two days, and well, it is now time to make the most of it and how. As today draws to closure, your laptop does await you, but with some entertainment this time!

So, celebrate Netflix StreamFest 2020 while also getting answers to what to watch on Netflix right here!


Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I do have a soft-spot for Bulbbul, purely for how it deals with the subject. Featuring a lovely cast, produced by Anushka Sharma, and a thrilling story, how better can Saturday night get?

Brooklynn Nine Nine

Now, this is a show that I can never get enough of, and if you’ve not watched it, binge on! There are quite a few seasons there, but well, it is making the right use of time.


If not for the Netflix StreamFest 2020, for the love of sitcoms, give this show a shot. We all find ourselves wondering what to watch on Netflix and find the answer in this show, and rightly so. Have a good laugh and once you’re hooked to it, you’ll just never find a greater show!


I’ve written such nice things about the Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli starrer, here’s me doing it again. It is an absolutely cute story, with a not so great ending, but sure a good watch. A mini-series with short episodes means there’s room for watching more content!


For the love of Abhay Deol, watch it! If you love Mithila Palkar, it is just an added bonus. This is a great great movie, one that leaves you with many questions, and yet, feel good about so many things! It is time to make the most of the Netflix StreamFest 2020!

Yeh Ballet

Another bittersweet film for so many reasons, this film is a masterpiece. Though it isn’t like one of the big-budget films and doesn’t set out to look like one, it has a great story. For the dreamer inside of you, give this movie a shot! If you haven’t watched this, and wonder what to watch on Netflix, this deserves a watch!


When we come to make this list, there seems to be a lot of films that are now old, and yet, were great watches. Kiara Advani takes the lead role in this one, and what goes down until the very end, leaves you in shock. It is set around college-goers, and deals with crime against women, narrating more than just a single story.

Some recent releases include the likes of LUDO, Bhaag Beanie Bhaag, among others. But well, this is the best way to go when there is a free Netflix StreamFest 2020!

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