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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Netizens rejoice as Kangana Ranaut to play Indira Gandhi

Today’s big Bollywood news is ‘Kangana Ranaut to play Indira Gandhi’. The actress has made an official announcement regarding the political drama. The film will be directed by Sai Kabir and primarily involves highlights of Indian political history.

Interestingly, this is going to be her second political drama and well, netizens seem to be glad about it. Another of Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movies will see her don the role of Jayalalitha. And now, she is all set to play Indira Gandhi. With this announcement, she has just added another powerful role to her illustrious filmography. It is going to be interesting to see how things follow on from here.

Kangana spoke about donning the role of Indira Gandhi and here’s what she said:

Yes, we are working on the project, and the script is in the final stages. It is not the biopic of Indira Gandhi. It is a grand period film. To be precise, it is a political drama that will help my generation to understand (the) socio-political landscape of current India.

In fact, while Kangana will play Indira Gandhi, it is not going to be a biopic only. She mentioned that it is based on a book. However, the name of the book is not known yet. The movie will see mention of the likes of Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, among others. Meanwhile, the rest of the Indira Gandhi cast announcement shall also come in soon.

As the news of Kangana Ranaut to play Indira Gandhi spread, netizens are glad about it. In fact, her last movie Panga also saw her in what can be a powerful female lead film. With other films in the work, this is just another great addition after all. With the response that she has received, the film is sure to continue making headlines.

While Kangana will play Indira Gandhi in her upcoming political drama, she has already worked with the director in Revolver Rani. Once again, the actress will turn producer with the movie as well. Among other of Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movies are the likes of Dhaakad and Thalaivi.

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