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Sunday, April 18, 2021

On Harry Styles’ birthday, here’s thanking him for being him

On Harry Styles’ birthday today, it would be a shame to not acknowledge the man for being so many amazing things. While he is an absolutely amazing singer-writer, he also has raised the bar in more ways than one. Not only is it about Harry Styles songs on this birthday of his, but also about so much more.

Styles managed to make a place in the lives of so many across the world. And well, it all started with the popular boy band, One Direction. While the band ceased to exist in 2016, there was no stopping Harry!  He has only made a bigger place in everyone’s hearts ever since and even now. Hence, on Harry Styles’ birthday today, we decided to simply bow down before him – for being this amazing person before everything else!

Styles managed to release not one but two huge albums and was also a part of the Oscar-winning movie, Dunkirk. Now, if that is just now enough, he also co-chaired the Met Gala in 2019. It was at the Gala that the singer also took us by storm as he sported a sheer blouse, heels, and earrings. That image of his is still as fresh in many minds as ever!

And then, all hell broke down when the singer-songwriter managed to get a solo cover on Vogue. What made it bigger? Well, the singer decided to give away some major perfect man goals by donning Gucci gowns. He rocked the outfit, and that is when he became the flag-bearer of gender fluidity this past year.

We are at a time where we cannot talk enough about how necessary it is to embrace gender fluidity and get rid of stereotypes. However, Styles has proved how to and continues to as well! With Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles managed to open up about the same for the first time. He has, on multiple occasions, rubbished the sheer concept of feminine and masculine. Well, we couldn’t love him more for that, could we?

Apart from all the Harry Styles songs that we are thankful to, we are just as much thankful for all these things. Hence, on Harry Styles’ birthday, here’s to celebrating him! Let’s celebrate him for his fashion, his stand on what needs to be said, and just about everything else. Cheers to Styles turning out to be the person that everyone should truly draw inspiration from!

Happy Birthday Styles, may you forever be in style!

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