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Thursday, February 25, 2021

OTT release ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ is a gem in regional cinema

Fortunately, we do have a hanfdul of good movies that everyone is talking about, amid the call for bans and boycotts. One such film is the latest OTT release The Great Indian Kitchen. The movie is nothing like a big bidget Bollywood entertainer, but is a simple Malayalam movie offering a lot more than just cinema.

The OTT release The Great Indian Kitchen is currently only available on Neestream. However, we are hoping that the movie makes it big to a bigger streaming platform soon. The movie is basically praiseworthy for the story of women and not the story it narrates.

Revolging around the life of a domestic housewife (Nimisha Sajayan), the movie talks about everything from religion to patriarchy and what it does to women. For someone who is a proud feminist, this film comes as a wave of fresh air, one that many need to be intrdocued to. It shows how women lose independence, which is often misconstrued as freedom. What kind of freedom you ask me? The one where people think that women don’t want any kind of accountability, but that’s not true at all.

Check out the trailer of The Great Indian Kitchen here:

The OTT release The Great Indian Kitchen sees a journey that the protagonist goes through, one that shows everything she stands for. However, this journey also shows how everything seems to be falling apart, and this time, isn’t to get back together. The biggest highlight of the movie is the relatability, through real life experiences and not just stories. (The film also mentions the decision pertaining the Sabarimala Temple!)

One might be wondering what is so different about this film if there is nothing to narrate! Well, it mirrors the society, the story lakhs of women, of what marriage possibly means. The Great Indian Kitchen is not a film that looks down upon men. However, it is a movie that manages to bring us closer to the reality. Surprisingly, this is a reality that women have now simply become comfortable with. Do women still need to be full time homemakers, do daily chores, take care of children? Is that all that it amounts to?

Even for an OTT release that The Great Indian Kitchen is, a rather underrate film for the web space, it has rave reviews. Things about this film are so subtle, and yet, hard hitting in more ways than one.

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