Pagglait movie review: Sanya Malhotra starrer teaches not to conform


Sanya Malhotra plays a widow, Sandhya in this movie. While the film teaches us so many things, one thing it teaches us is to not conform and be your own person. With layers of emotions, a tad bit of comedy, and some drama, Pagglait on Netflix is an absolute must watch.

The internet seems to have become a happier place with a handful of Pagglait movie reviews dropping in. The Sanya Malhotra starrer is streaming on Netflix and it is an absolute heart-stealer for more reasons than one. The cast of Pagglait includes a handful of amazing actors – Shruti Sharma, Sayani Gupta, Sheeba Chaddha, Rajesh Tailang, and more.

As for the story of Pagglait is concerned, it narrates the tale of Sandhya (Sanya). Five months post her marriage, her husband passes away. Over the due course of the movie, we see how she, along with the family deal with it. A major crux of Netflix film Pagglait is about dealing with grief but also breaking societal norms.

Talk about a Pagglait review, and one cannot not talk about how it tells us complicated things, rather simply. A lot about the movie is a stark commentary on things that we see in the country. Guess what these things could be? Well, for starters, it is how women must abide by what has been happening for years. Then there is a brief conversation about how marriages happen, and of course, a pinch of religion factor to it. Primarily, these are things that must change, but they seldom do.

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It is such small instances that have us smiling through the yes, how director Umesh Bist has captured things rather subtly. We can see how Sandhya, who has a Masters’ in English wishes to do more. However, she is stuck within the four walls of the household, teaching her brother-in-law instead. We also see how just the presence of someone from a different religion, changes things in the household, including things like separate cutlery for her.

By the end of the movie, what message is sent out is just how everyone has their own process to deal with things. It shows how there is just about no need to conform, for ‘kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kama hai kehna’. Despite continuous efforts to fin, somethings won’t change, and that is okay after all. Living life is more important than trying to fit in, in a marriage, in a family, or anywhere else.

To sum up the Pagglait movie review, I’d say it teaches you to not conform to rules. While that does not have to mean that we break them, it does mean that we can always challenge them!

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