Pixar film Soul is the watch you need on the last Monday of 2020

Pixar films have a sense of an edge to them, and time and again, we’ve seen them create magic. While some leave us teary-eyed, some lend life-lessons to remember forever. And the most recent Pixar film Soul is another hit that manages to strike all the right chords, and how! And on the last Monday of 2020, you could use a film like it.

The story is that of Joe Gardner, and why is the film called Soul is no secret. However, over the due course of the movie, we see just how significant is that. Though some of the things seem bizarre, but then what do we know about the afterlife anyway. Joe is a middle-school band teacher and his heart lies in Jazz music, but then a realization comes along on his journey through it!

Watch the trailer of the much loved Pixar film Soul here:

Well, the film has its own highs and lows, and every one of them is like a life lesson. These are the kind that we all could use. 2020 has been difficult for everyone, but it is films, books, and creativity that helped us sail through. Pixar film Soul briefly teaches us how we are chasing things, and goals, among other things. However, it also sheds light on how they are not the ultimate source of happiness.

While many say that happiness is a state of mind, I wouldn’t be too sure about that being a fact. There are so many films that leave you with an after thought, and Pixar film Soul happens to be one. Given the current times when everyone is running a rat race, we may or may not find a better time to learn this life lesson.

For someone who hasn’t been so deep into Pixar movies, I can confirm that I would probably not miss any now. The film is beautiful, emotional, has so many layers to it, and yet very simple. The themes that it talks about aren’t larger than life, and are in fact, the kind that hit if off just fine!

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