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Monday, April 12, 2021

Pooja Bhatt backs Arjun Kapoor post Arnab Gosawmi’s ‘small time actor’ comment

Online rage is real and the slightest of comment from anyone does lead to multiple arguments. And right now, the media has been subjected to a lot of scrutinies for more reasons than one. The latest argument happens to be around Arnab Goswami’s comment on Arjun Kapoor. And now, Pooja Bhatt backs Arjun Kapoor is what the argument has shifted to.

It so happened that Arnab went on to call Arjun Kapoor a small-time actor during his conversation on BMC demolishing Kangana Ranaut’s office. During the debate, he said how she was not given enough time and brought old cases of illegal extensions.

It was then that he spoke about Arjun and it looks like it is now another debate as Pooja Bhatt backs Arjun Kapoor. She took to social media and has a rather strong opinion regarding the issue. As someone who is vocal when needed, she has a couple of things to say.

Her first tweet stated, “I agree with @mehtahansal when he says “Nobody is a small time actor”. People use terms like the above & ‘out of work’ actor, ‘B’ or ‘C’ grade actor as a means to dismiss & degrade. The joy & trial of being an actor/artist is that at some point you are going to be out of work.”

In the same thread, she mentioned, “That’s what makes ALL artistes across board such courageous people. To constantly embrace uncertainty, to plod on & put your best face forward even after enduring failure. To follow your heart & hone your art no matter how average or brilliant people think you are-that takes guts.”

Pooja Bhatt backs Arjun Kapoor:

As it turns out, her idea was to make this more than just about Pooja Bhatt backs Arjun Kapoor. And so, she had more to add in another tweet. She went on to say, “So here’s to the artists, the makers, the entertainers, the believers. We are warriors! Our tools are our hearts, our senses. Our strength is our vulnerability,our capacity to fall & rise again. Success is temporary, failure guaranteed & we still do what we do. Not everyone’s cup of tea!”

Back in 2017, Arjun Kapoor’s terrace was subjected to BMC’s scrutiny for a make-shift gym. It was then demolished and he was served a notice for the construction of a room without permission.

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