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Friday, April 16, 2021

Praise Diljit Dosanjh for speaking up, but don’t stop trolling Ranveer Singh for being expressive?

Netizens are trolling Ranveer Singh after his most recent photo on Instagram, but shouldn't we have been past it already?

Is it not enough that women are subjected to trolling for their clothes, there are people trolling Ranveer Singh. (again!) The actor shared a photo on social media recently where he’s wearing a pearl necklace, and it set quite a few people off. None the less, it looks like there’s absolutely nothing new they have to say that, so what’s the point exactly?

I am no huge fan of Ranveer, but we gotta give it to the actor for pulling those wonderful looks off. We all remember him at the wedding, where he wore the Anarkali? And before that, it was the skirt at an event and something else before that. It just doesn’t seem to end, but should it? Well, absolutely! Trolling Ranveer Singh has become a norm every time he goes out of the box. One of the most common comments on the post is the ones asking him if they are wife Deepika Padukone’s.

Here’s the photo people are trolling Ranveer Singh for:

Well, it is these kinds of instances that sometimes leave us all completely speechless. Remember how everyone has been going gaga over Diljit Dosanjh’s give back to Kangana Ranaut, this is rather ghastly. People trolling Ranveer Singh is absolutely no surprise, because of the various kinds of people on the internet. However, it is not cool and there are no different ways of saying it.

At a time when there is a constant conversation around equality, it sure doesn’t have to only count for the women, isn’t it? If celebrities are being trolled online, trolling Ranveer Singh tops that list. Online trolling has been around for a while, courtesy of all the freedom of speech that we get, but this is not happening because, c’mon? However, it is not cool and there are no different ways of saying it. There are of course all these fans that have showered him with all the love, but that doesn’t change anything. We’ve gotta stop passing around judgments on every single person online for doing what they do!

So, let’s just stop trolling Ranveer Singh and everyone else too?

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