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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Priyanka Chopra slams reporter for questioning her qualification to announce Oscar nominations

Priyanka Chopra slammed reporter when he questioned her and Nick Jonas's qualification to announce Oscar nominations. Read on Platocast.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has always been one to give it back. The actress has ensured that she doesn’t bow down, and continues to break the glass ceiling and how. And as it turns out, Priyanka slammed Australian reporter for questioning her qualification. In fact, the reporter said that they were not qualified enough to become the presenters for 2021 Oscars.

It looks like his comment sure did not go down very well and Priyanka decided to give it back to him. Priyanka slammed the journalist giving out her filmography and boasted of the IMDb ratings for some of her finest films. The screenshot she shared contained a list of 60+ films and with that, she had a question. She asked: Would love your thoughts on what qualifies someone. Here are my 60+ film credentials for your adept consideration.

As Priyanka slammed Australian reporter, netizens couldn’t keep calm. Many went on to side with her and questioned the reporter instead. Meanwhile, others also highlighted how is he a well known entertainment reporter if he doesn’t know her. Tweets poured in in favour of the desi girl, and well, that counts for more than just something. In fact, some also stated how the remark seems racist at so many levels as well.

A Twitter user wrote: Omg I love this side of you. You go, PC. The audacity of calling himself a film journalist but not being able to do basic research. A lot of people said a lot of things, mostly in her favour. And well, it counts for something.

Priyanka Chopra along with Nick announced the Oscar nominations and it was a fun watch. In fact, many also praised Priyanka for doing her homework and ensuring right pronunciations, among other things. Well, it is sad that such instances still take place in an industry that is so diverse.

While Priyanka Chopra slams reporter has made it to the headlines, everyone is rooting for our desi girl! Truly so..!

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