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Monday, April 12, 2021

Reasons to watch Hostages Season 2: From Ronit Roy to the thriller mystery, Here’s why

OTT content has received a different kind of push during the lockdown. And that has enabled makers to bring the finest of shows. And today, we have another latest pick with Hostages. However, with the season 2 out now, we thought fans might need a reason to watch Hostages after all.

Hence, we decided to make a list of the very basic reasons that are likely to attract you. So the next time you don’t find something to watch, you can thank us! An almost 6-hour long show, this could be the perfect mid-week binge.

Before we move onto 5 reasons to watch Hostages season 2, watch the trailer here:

The ensemble cast

With names like Ronit Roy, Divya Dutt, Kanwaljeet Singh, among others, we know it is a super hit. The show has successfully brought about additional cast members and it is a visual treat. With the flavour that each actor brings along, there is not enough reason to not watch the show.

If you like complex plots

One of the prime reasons to watch Hostages season 2 should be the plotline. While the show gets complicated, it all eventually makes sense. However, some questions remain until the very end. And well, that is the beauty of the series after all!

Keeps you hooked

Given the cast and the storyline, you won’t want to miss out. With multiple stories running all at the same time, you can’t miss anything out. Hence, not only do you want to binge on it, you want to stay hooked and not even blink your eye (you’ll do it of course, but just saying!)

Edge of the seat drama

Another of the reasons to watch Hostages season 2 is the combination of drama as well as mystery. You want to know what happens but yet, you don’t know what will. If anything, it makes you want the series to just not end, but also end! However, you’ll know just how much the wait was worth it!

Maintains a graph

We have seen mystery dramas lose the plot, however, this one keeps up until the very end. For anyone who wants consistency, this will be a great pick! The episodes have not just high points, but also a sense of thrill, throughout.

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