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Remakes and remixes in Bollywood are becoming the new norm, but are the viewers liking it?

Remakes and remixes in Bollywood have become an increasing conversation once again, courtesy of films like Coolie No. 1.

Remakes and remixes in Bollywood have been around for a while now. However, there now seems to be a lack of originality that the industry has been suffering from. While one cannot comment on the quality of movies given the efforts that go into them, we need to stop serving the same wine in new bottles.

The recent release, Laxmii and the upcoming two releases, Coolie No. 1 as well as Durgamati are all remakes. While two of the three films are remakes from South cinema, one is a classic from early Bollywood. While one may or may not seem to feel that justice has been done to these films, it does make us wonder so much. For instance, something that is questionable is just how many people may be losing their chance to show something big because we can’t stop recycling.

The reception to the Coolie No. 1 trailer is an example of just how remakes and remixes in Bollywood are not a hit. In fact, we also remade a movie like Kabir Singh from Arjun Reddy, despite just how offensive it turned out to be. While movies are a result of a lot of hard work and sweat, are we doing justice to all that goes into it?

Check out some of the trailers here:

As a critic of what we see, we don’t always like everything, but not liking anything? If the aforementioned films aren’t enough, we also have some disaster of songs. Some of them include Saki Saki, Dus Bahane, to name a few. While they’ve all turned into meme material for the prosumers, it is not justifiable. Simmba’s Aankh Maarey turned out to be a hit purely because of the buzz around the original and the actors in it. However, is it fair? Do we want to simply bank on what has worked already and continue the rut?

The debate around remakes and remixes in Bollywood is a forever topic and may be subjective. However, the lack of originality is a little too hard to digest. We’ve had some great films in Bollywood, those that are original and have so much to offer in terms of storytelling. While there’s a whole hidden set of talent out there, we aren’t doing right by our own selves. When we get caught in this unending cycle or reproducing what has already been done, we then lose the global appeal!

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