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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

‘Respect Taylor Swift’ trends after misogynistic dialogue in Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia

Twitterverse has taken to trend 'Respect Taylor Swift' after a misogynistic dialogue from Netflix show Ginny & Georgia.

Today, what we want to talk about is how the good people of the internet identified misogyny and pointed it out. Twitterverse has taken to trend ‘Respect Taylor Swift’ after misogynistic comments about the singer in Netflix show Ginny & Georgia.

At a time when we speak so highly about feminism and standing against patriarchy, it is important to not let such things go. Recently, a dialogue from Netflix show Ginny & Georgia has fuelled Swifties to trend Respect Taylor Swift. Ginny, is seen telling her mother: What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.

Well, hello misogyny? If that is not enough, we have had similar instances earlier. Back then, it was a character in Degrassi: Next Class that said: Taylor Swift made an entire career off of her exes. This is anything but appalling, and we are glad about people calling it out. While Swift has not said anything about what has been said, her fans are not ready to let it go.

Swift too, has spoken up on the same, and well, her Tweet is definitely spot on.

Check out some of the tweets about ‘Respect Taylor Swift’ here:

Not only are fans calling out the writer, but they also pointed out better shows one must watch. All these shows did have positive references to Taylor Swift, and beautifully so. One of the references included Jake Peralta’s dialogue in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The user wrote, ”since there’s a show who still stuck in 2010 and made some misogynistic jokes in the year 2021,, here’s some tv series that u can watch!! they also know how to RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT.” In addition, the ratings for the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia have also taken a dip. To this too, Swift fans have used references from the singer’s songs.

Swift has always spoken out loud about how people keep making such comments about women. In fact, she had also mentioned in one of her interviews about writing songs about her feelings. She added how people look at it in a different light when a man does it vs when a woman does it. Pointing out the difference, she said how it is brave when a man does it but whining when a woman does it.

At a time and age where we have women ruling countries, we need to get past such things, don’t we?

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