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Rishi Kapoor prayer meet: Neetu, Riddhima and Ranbir Kapoor bid their final goodbye

The entertainment industry has suffered two major losses in a matter of just two days, actors Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan. They left for heavenly abode in April, and the world is mourning their loss. Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, and soon after, he left for New York. In NY, the actor was treated for about a year.

It was in 2019 that the actor, along with wife Neetu Kapoor returned to Mumbai. However as it turns out, Rishi was still not completely cured. On the night of April 29, he was admitted to the ICU. The very next morning, the news about the actor’s demise left everyone in shock.

Kapoor is survived by wife Neetu, daughter Riddhima Kapoor, and son, Ranbir Kapoor. The veteran actor breathed his last on the morning of April 30. His last rites were held on the very same day. Present at his funeral were close members of the Kapoor family, along with the likes of Alia Bhatt and others.

Riddhima, however, couldn’t be a part of the funeral as she was stuck in New Delhi due to the lockdown. After getting special permission to travel via road, Riddhima, along with her daughter Samara traveled to Mumbai via road. They reached the city on Saturday night to be by her family’s side in such trying times.

Today, a photo from the prayer meet held at the Kapoor house has been doing the rounds on social media. Fans have taken this moment to remember the actor as they send out their prayers. The frame has Neetu and Ranbir in the frame alongside a photo of Rishi Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor’s prayer meet:

Reports further suggest that the prayer meet was only attended by 6 people in total and it took place on Saturday evening. As has been revealed by Randhir Kapoor himself, they immersed the ashes of Rishi Kapoor in Banganga on Sunday. He also told that they did not get permission to immerse his ashes in Haridwar.

Neetu Kapoor also wrote a heartfelt post after Rishi Kapoor’s demise. She wrote, “He remained jovial and determined to live to the fullest right through two years of treatment across two continents. Family, friends, food and films remained his focus and everyone who met him during this time was amazed at how he did not let his illness get the better of him.”

She also added, “He was grateful for the love of his fans that poured from the world over. In his passing, they would all understand that we would like to be remembered with a smile and not with tears.”

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