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Sadak 2 review: Choose to watch this film for Sanjay Dutt over not watching it for Alia Bhatt

Sadak 2 featuring Alia Bhatt, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur, Pooja Bhatt, and Jisshu Sengupta released on Hotstar today. The movie narrates the journey of a taxi driver (Sanjay) who is suicidal and is finding a way to reunite with his late wife. However, God has other plans it seems, and this Sadak 2 review, will explore the same.

While he has shut his taxi rental shop, a girl named Aarya (Alia) knocks on his door. Together, they set out on a journey to Kailash, but it becomes more than just that. While Aarya’s boyfriend Vishal (Adtiya) makes rather shocking revelations during the journey, the trio takes on a journey of a lifetime. All that happens throughout that journey is something that keeps

Sadak 2 is about more than just a journey that the trio takes with glimpses of Pooja (Pooja), of course. While the film starts off on a rather slow note, much of which we have already seen in the trailer, it does get interesting. The movie does have loose plots and the beginning, as well as the end, feel stretched, it does keep you hooked for a while.

Before reading the Sadak 2 review, check out the trailer here:

None the less, this Sadak 2 review will be incomplete without a special mention to Sanjay and Jisshu. Jisshu plays the father to a 20-year-old Alia, something which is also rather unbelievable, given how things pan out. While there is a scene that does try to justify that bit, it still does not make a lot of sense. Dutt, on the other hand, feels strong as the father figure.

Another scene that feels rather out of the blue is one where we see Pooja make an attempt at alerting Ravi. However, it feels rather forced and very unnatural.

Something that is sure to get you thinking is just how the movie tries to defunct the idea of Godmen and Gurujis. However, it does not neglect the idea of God or a superpower. Since this is a Sadak 2 review, we will refrain from spoilers. At the end of the film, one would know where we are getting at!

Two dialogues from the film have kind of stayed on with me, and rightly so. One of the dialogues goes as ”There is no business like God business.” Meanwhile, the other one is rather interesting. It says, ”Andhero se hi aate hai andheri se hi dafan ho jate hai.”

Another must mention point for the review is just how the narrative changes, in the end, making us believe the unthinkable for a while. However, after a point of time, things begin to feel rather predictable. None the less, you’d want to wait to see what happens after all.

While this is a Sadak 2 review, and measures both good and bad, there must be a mention of all the hate it has received. However, it should be highlighted that the film does shine better than many of the 100 crore film clubs, and deserves a watch!

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