Saina movie review: Parineeti Chopra starrer is a feel-good watch


Saina narrates the story of ace shuttler, Saina Nehwal, the role of which is essayed by Parineeti Chopra. The movie traverses through her journey, the highs and lows, and how she rose to the top with grit and determination.

Two days ahead of the release, Saina movie reviews have been doing the rounds. Saina narrates the story of an ace shuttler that Saina Nehwal is. Donning the titular role is Parineeti Chopra, who sure has put quite the effort into the character.

Saina, directed by Amol Gupte, follows the trajectory of every sports movie ever. However, it is the depiction coupled with the acting that gives it an edge. On the face of it, Saina is like any other sports drama – the beginning followed by a high, a phase of the struggle, and then a peak. Given that Saina is very much active, there is an additional responsibility that the film must uphold.

Apart from Parineeti, the cast of Saina also includes Manav Kaul, Paresh Rawal, Meghna Malik, and Ankur Vikal. Produced by Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series, Saina definitely has a lot to watch out for. Given that everyone can use some motivation at this point, there’s a lot in store for every viewer.

Before reading the Saina movie review, check out the trailer here:

Saina kickstarts on a strong note, identifying her as the daughter of India, and we all know just how much that signifies. For a female, who has had her own set of ups and downs, a lot of things have gone into her success. One of the biggest highlights that every Saina review would emphasize is the support. However, then there is also this scene where she is slapped as a young girl for being happy about coming second. It is in the little things that we find hope, but also fallacies. Nonetheless, for a major part of the movie, we see Saina have supportive parents, which matters a lot.

Among other highlights, we see the movie also witness her period of struggle due to an injury. Now, that is when it all goes down, but only to rise sky high and how. As for the cast of Saina, Manav plays her coach, and one may or may not like Meghna as the mother. Nonetheless, they all hold the movie well. Kaul is at his greatest performance again, and everyone else adds an edge.

Talk about the Saina review, and one can’t miss out on just how much Parineeti has done to fit the shoes right. Her efforts seemingly visible, she often feels like she is all over the place. We have all seen the trailer and a lot has been said about it, and certain things could have been better. However, at the end of it all, it leaves you smiling, with a sense of pride indeed!

About the Saina movie review, Lehren said, ”It’s a super serve as director Amole Gupte makes a stirring opening.” The Times of India highlights how it is a film about optimism. The review of Saina said: A simple ode to eternal optimism.

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