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Salman Khan and Wajid Khan: Hit songs from the actor – composer duo

Back in 1998, Salman Khan gave the music composer duo of Sajid-Wajid a chance to work in Bollywood, and ever since, they have been quite the hit. The duo first made music for Bollywood for Salman’s film Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya. Wajid Khan and Salman Khan have always been close due to their history, and life sure has come to a full circle for the former.

Wajid breathed his last on Sunday due to renal ailment and COVID 19. The entire entertainment industry has come together to mourn the loss of the legendary music composer. Salman and Wajid have always been close and so, Salman took to social media to send out his prayers. He wrote, ‘Wajid Vil always love, respect, remember n miss u as a person n ur talent, Love u n may your beautiful soul rest in peace …’

Check out Salman Khan’s tweet here:

As we pay our respects to the composer, here’s remembering some of the hit songs from Salman Khan and Wajid Khan:

Surili Akhiyon Wale from Veer

One of the few soulful tracks from the movie, Surili Akhiyon Wale is a soothing song and while the movie didn’t do well, the song sure did.

Mashallah from Ek Tha Tiger

Another hit from the duo, the songs from the film were just as big as the movie itself. No wonder Salman Khan and Wajid Khan have collaborated on multiple occasions!

Munna Badnaam Hua from Dabangg 3

A spin to the original song from the movie Dabangg, this one did manage to grab quite the amount of attention, and rightly so. Due credits to the music composer duo as well as Khan for pulling it off just fine.

Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da from Partner

Partner is another film that has a rather impressive list of songs to its credit and we often hum these songs, till date. There are multiple tracks from the film that one cannot miss out on.

Jalwa from Wanted

If we come to think of it, one can go on and on about Salman Khan and Wajid Khan creating the finest of music together. While most of the songs happen to be peppy numbers, we still think these manage to have us moving to the beats.

Hud Hud from Dabangg

This has to be one of the best and most popular songs that saw Salman Khan and Wajid Khan, Sajid, come together. The entire playlist of Dabangg, for that matter, must receive its due credit.

Soni De Nakhre from Partner

Another foot-tapping number from Partner, we all remember the phase where this became the must dance song for all sangeet ceremonies. Even today, the song continues to be a classic that we always love to dance to.

Baki Sab First Class Hai from Jai Ho

Even when things aren’t very first classy, this song makes it feel like while you dance to it and raise your energy levels to the beats of the music.

Meanwhile, good or bad as it sounds, Salman Khan and Wajid Khan collaborated last for the Eid Song Bhai Bhai. While it sure received a lot of love, the song just became all the more special for everyone who has heard it as yet.



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