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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Salman Khan’s Eid Mubarak song Bhai Bhai is winning over the internet

Salman Khan’s Eid Mubarak song is definitely one of his best purely for the topic it deals with. Earlier in the day yesterday, Khan had announced that he has something in store for his fans. However, what is it going to be? No one knew. But the time to unveil his big news came just as the day was about to end.

The Dabangg actor took to social media to wish everyone Eid Mubarak with a heartfelt post. He wrote, ‘Maine aap subb ke liye kuch banaya hai, dekh ke batana kaisa laga… Aap subb ko eid mubarakh … #BhaiBhai.’ The actor announced his new song Bhai Bhai and shared the video on his Youtube channel as well.

Salman Khan’s Eid Mubarak song titled Bhai Bhai deals with a rather sensitive topic of religion. Apart from talking about how Hindu-Muslims are Bhai bhai, he also raises some pressing issues. In no time that the actor shared the song, fans went gaga over him as they couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Khan is currently at his farmhouse ins Panvel and has been there ever since the lockdown first came into place. The actor has been sharing glimpses of what his day looks like. But apart from that, he has in fact, also released two songs while there. After Pyaar Karona, he released the music video of Tere Bina along with Jacqueline Fernandez.

Check out Salman Khan’s song Bhai Bhai here:

Meanwhile, the actor’s film, Radhe was due for a release this Eid. However, the outbreak has lead to theatres being shut and hence, fans will have to wait a little more. None the less, Salman ensured that the fans get to see some of him on the special occasion of Eid.

And so, what better than a video which features just him? How did you like Salman Khan’s Eid Mubarak song?

Apart from being driven by his creative instinct, the actor has also been working hard to spread awareness around COVID while helping daily wagers. Salman Khan is supporting thousands of families of the daily wage earners while also being a part of other initiatives.

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