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Monday, April 12, 2021

Salman Khan’s new song Tere Bina to co star Jacqueline Fernandez

This lockdown has been a rather challenging time for everyone, however, everyone has been trying to get creative. And so, Salman Khan seems to have gotten at it as well. The actor keeps sharing photos and videos of what has he been up to, including paining and some horse riding. Salman Khan’s first song during the lockdown was called Pyaar Karona, and it did super well with the fans. And now, he is gearing up for a second.

Salman Khan‘s new song, a music video with Jacqueline Fernandez is called Tere Bina. Salman and Jacqueline are both stuck at the former’s farmhouse in Panvel along with some others. Now, it looks like they have been making the most of it after all. Salman shared a video featuring an interview of Khan and Jacqueline where Waluscha De Sousa has turned a host for them.

In the videos, Salman Khan gets talking about the new song, working with Jacqueline, and how the idea came up. Salman Khan’s new song has been literally shot with three people, as the roles were divided and it has been shot within the farmhouse. Salman went on to speak about how it has been a learning experience in its own sense. Jacqueline, on the other hand, added how this video has given her confidence after all since she was on her own.

Jacqueline Fernandes and Salman Khan on their new song Tere Bina:

Both Salman and Jacqueline also revealed how they have done things that they haven’t earlier. On how did the song happen, Salman Khan reveals how he thought it isn’t fit for a film. This, in turn, made him think that the new song can be released now. Khan also adds how they had restrictions about shooting at certain places, not wanting to show the entire property.

Speaking about other challenges that came while shooting for this new song of Salman Khan, he says how it was so hot and they had to shoot in the scorching heat. Further, while Jacqueline thanked technology for making things easier, Salman highlighted the slow internet connection. Salman also spoke about files taking hours to download, the constant changes need, etc.

None the less, we bet Salman Khan’s new song is going to win over the audiences just like the last one did. This isn’t a first or second for the actor, and he has done a phenomenal job all the other times. While Waluscha was going gaga over Jacqueline and Salman Khan’s new song, we can’t wait to see some of it too.

On the work front, Salman Khan’s film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai was due for a release in Eid. However, as it turns out, the ongoing lockdown will cause a delay in the movie’s release.

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