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Sameera Reddy creates a spoof on Indian Matchmaking ft. mother-in-laws and things just got real

Indian Matchmaking on Netflix is one that is wrong at so many levels. While everyone seems to have a varied range of views, Sameera reddy has something else. The actress has created a mother-in-law version as a spoof on Indian Matchmaking.

The show felt like cringe to so many people, and yet, it felt so realistic, for all the wrong reasons of course. And well, it looks like Reddy had her way out to turn this into a rather hilarious ordeal. In order to keep up, she made a little something and joined hands with her mother-in-law.

So basically, what she has done is made this about finding the right mother-in-law, because c’mon, we all know it! What starts off as requirements, and her decisions end with her mother-in-law’s snarky remark.

Sameera Reddy’s video:

Isn’t this the spoof of Indian Matchmaking too real? Well, we sure think it is.

The caption of her post read, “Asli life partner toh Mother in law hoti hai this is how I found my Sassy Saasu! The perfect match.” While the comments on this spoof of Indian Matchmaking are just as hilarious, it sure is going to leave you laughing.

Ever since the show released on Netflix, it has been subject to a lot of debate and criticism. While the show focuses on a rather different section of society, it is also one thing that doesn’t go down well with the audiences.

Following her video, she also puts up another video of her mother-in-law and it is ultra sassy if anything. Sameera has been regularly sharing videos on social media off late, and all of them go beyond just regular topics.

In fact, prior to this spoof on Indian Matchmaking, she also shared a video highlighting the idea of being comfortable in your own skin. While we definitely related to it, it also garnered her a lot of love and rightly so!

What are your views on Indian Matchmaking?

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