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Saugandh actress Shanthipriya recalls Akshay Kumar’s racist jokes ; Watch VIDEO

Shanthipriya made her debut opposite Akshay Kumar back in 1991 with a film called Saugandh. And to her surprise, it did not turn out to be the experience she might have thought it to be. In fact, she was in utter shock when she discovered the sexism and racism that she was subjected to. And so, Saugandh actress Shanthipriya has spoken about the same.

Talking about how things went down with her, she revealed how Akshay mocked her for her skin colour. In fact, it hurt her enough to lead her into depression. As it turns out, it was these remarks from the actor that lead her to decide to quit the industry altogether.

In a video where Saugandh actress Shanthipriya talks about Akshay Kumar, she went on to reveal an incident from Ikke Pe Ikka. During the due course of the conversation, she revealed how he made fun of her as her knees looked dark. She played a modern character in the film and hence had to wear stockings with the dress, which caused him to mock her.

Watch Saugandh actress Shanthipriya’s video here:

She further went on to add how it wasn’t just Akshay but also the likes of Pankaj Dheer, Raj Sippy, the makeup man, and other people who were present on the sets. And, right in front of those people, he said how Shanthipriya has got blood clots on her leg. She added how he repeated it so many times and yet, she did not understand. And it was then that he directed towards her knees when she asked him about it.

Shanthipriya was left embarrassed and had no idea how to react to this. However, she said how she was very uncomfortable and was wondering how could he mock her like that. None the less, she went on to narrated further how she feels that those comments were an immature mistake given they were growing up and lacked sensitivity. In addition, she revealed how she is now friends with Kumar.

Narrating further, Saugandh actress Shanthipriya said how her intent is not to hurt him by talking about it. In fact, the actress revealed how Akshay helped her when she told him about wanting to make a comeback. She also added how he gave her a lot of confidence and they met and she saw how he has changed. Praising him with kind words, she called him a responsible husband, father, actor, and citizen.

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