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Monday, April 12, 2021

Serious Men review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui saves the day for the satire that the movie is

Serious Men is a satire that more people need to see, for more reasons than one. While it has loopholes that one can easily predict, it does mix things up well. Featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and M Nasser in pivotal roles, we explore what is more to the movie with this Serious Men review. And well, it does have various layers to it after all.

The movie sees Nawaz play the role of Ayyan Mani, assistant to Arvind Acharya, played by Nasser. What first strikes us, is the establishment of the word, Serious Men. And well, as interesting as it gets, this will begin to sound like an attribute to some, than just a descrptive word by the end of this movie. And rightly so!

What makes it a successful satire is the gap it talks about the caste difference, but there is more to it. For instance, we will learn how the gender perspective here is one that isn’t so strongly put. While we are habituated to seeing that happen a little too often, things could have been different here. The film deals with much more than just one topic of satire.

Before reading the Serious Men review further, see the trailer here:

Sudhir Mishra has indeed managed to put together one of his finer works with this one, there are losse ends. Ayyan is well aware of why he is looked down upon Acharya and his likes, and so, he devices a plan. While we barely get to know more about Ayyan’s wife Oja, his son Adi, is a spectacle to look at. (you’ll know why as you watch the film!) 

Serious Men review is incomplete without a mention of Nawazuddin. He is undoubtedly one of the highlights, and it is not even a surprise with his films anymore. The screenplay and writing are set, but we did hope for better in various aspects.

Over the due course, we start off the film hoping that it is going to be a sharp take on all things gender, corruption, and more. However, it fails to stay put to what it set out to achieve, and fails to differentiate between caste and class. None the less, one cannot deny that the first half of the movie is close to impeccable. It is those little things that count for extra points to the Serious Men review.

The Serious Men review cosntnalty talks about gender, for it is unequally repesented. Mani’s wife Oja (Indira Tiwari), colleague Oparna Sengupta (Vidhi Chitalia), and politician Anuja (Shweta Basu Prasad) could have been put to better use as characters. We know so little about their stories, and yet, know so much.

Serious Men is not all things problematic, but a lot of things so. Given the agenda that it feeds and the topic(s) that it deals with, it needed better representation!

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