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Shows and films to binge on: Tandav on Prime, Sir on Netflix and more

Wondering what is possible on the shows and films to binge list this weekend? Well, we sure have ourselves sorted on that front, and we can have you sorted too! From family drama to some adrenaline rush, and a little more of other things, you are in for a treat.

Weekends are for bingeing on shows, and so, this list of shows and films to watch will enable you to zero them down. While each genre has its own edge to it, this might be quite a comprehensive list of varied shows and films ahead.

Have a look at some of our favourite handpicked shows and films to binge this weekend and have fun!


This political thriller features Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Gauahar Khan, Sunil Grover, among a handful of others. Despite the trolls the show has been facing, it is a must weekend watch on Amazon Prime Video. 9 episodes long, the show has to count for one of the best. While there are mixed reviews as to how the actors could have made for a better watch, it managed to keep you hooked until the end.


Ask us about shows and films to binge on this weekend, I cannot miss this one. Featruing Kajol, Mithila Palkar, and Tanvi Azmi in lead roles, this movie is a treat. As it narrates the story of women from a women’s point of view, it is what is the highlight. Though there are multiple issues spoken about, there is little of everything and nothing looks forced. Three generations into one story, each with its own struggles, and though not extraordinary, it isn’t all that simple.


Another amazing amazing show on Netflix, it is trending and how. The show manages to keep you on the edge with some fun, and loads of trhill, to say the least. It has this vibe that constantly keeps up with your attention, one that you don’t want to miss. A Netflix original, it deserves a watch!


Phase 4 of Marvel Universe has kickstarted and how with a bang if you ask me. Talk about must watch shows and films to binge on, and we can’t miss this one out, can we? If you haven’t watched it already, there is absolutely nothing that is not to like about this show, so follow on! If you haven’t, you can watch a handful of Marvel films before starting on this show as well.


This Netflix film is trending at number 2, and we think it is an absolute must. It narrates the love story that could be, or that is between domestic help and an architect. While it is interesting to see how social issues come into place, the narrative is also one to look out for.

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