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Thursday, February 25, 2021

‘Sir’ on Netflix narrates a tale of love uniquely

Introduced to the film so late, Sir on Netflix is a gem of a find. We seldom find movies that resonate at a deeper level, even if there is nothing to relate to. But well, Sir is a movie that is as basic as ever, and yet, it moves you differently.

Rohan Gera has written and directed this Tillotama Shom and Vivek Gomber starrer. The former plays the role of a maid Ratna, the latter is an upper-middle class foreign returned man, Ashwin. A lot about th movie also deals with the social stigma that we have, and how love, can often transcend those. (or not!) Sir on Netflix is a beautiful film, to say the least.

The movie sees Ashwin returning home after a broken engagement, while Ratna continues to be his maid. If one has seen trailers, they know where this is headed, yet, it is so beautifully done. The movie made a debut in Indian cinemas in November 2020, but kickstarted at film festivals in 2018. In fact, it also received nominations at the Cannes’ Critics Week Grand Prize.

Check out the trailer of the Netflix film Sir here:

Something that is an absolute highlight about the movie is how everything is so natural. Absolutely nothing about this film looks forced. When we see the tagline, Is love enough, we hope for a happy ending! But do we get it? Or we don’t? Well, that’s upon you to infer after the watch. There is romance but there is also respect, a sense of understanding, and so much more. For Ashwin, very little about his social class matters, but it isn’t the same for Ratna. And well, rightly so. After all, isn’t that was is the truth behind reality as well? For starters, we are talking about a woman here, and in addition, there is also a social gap. Sir on Netflix beautifully takes all these factors into concern, and yet, does not deviate from what it sets out to do.

This Netflix film has so much to offer, including great cinematography, good music, and a lot of Indianness. Another additional highlight is how there is so little about the male gaze, and there is a woman placed in the center, in its true sense. So much about Sir is progressive, yet, it doesn’t completely ignore practices that are followed in villages, among other places. Sir manages to make you feel that not everything is so simple, but also not so complicated.

Oh and the ending? Well, that’s when the film makes the most sense, beautifully so!

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