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Smriti Irani, Mumbai Police use hilarious caption while sharing video of musician performing

Smriti Irani and Mumbai police have shared a clip of musicians performing with a witty caption that you can not afford to miss!

In the recent development, politician Smriti Irani and Mumbai police are having a blast on social media. Want to know why? Well, Smriti Irani and Mumbai police have shared a clip of musicians performing and while this clip itself is quite a treat to watch but the funniest of all is the caption they have used.

Have a look:

The caption reads, “Hackers when they get access to an account due to a weak password”.

“When your CA friends rush towards March-end …” Smriti Irani wrote.

However, Mumbai police have won this caption competition, and our hearts too. Check out these reactions:



Do you guys have any other witty caption in mind? Let us know in the comment section below.

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