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Monday, April 12, 2021

Sonu Sood being questioned for his philanthropy is what might be wrong with modern day social media

It isn’t the first time that we have seen Sonu Sood being questioned for his philanthropy. However, it doesn’t seem to reflect very well on social media after all. While this has happened on multiple occasions, Sood did not back down this time around. One tweet, followed by a reply from a user, lead to the actor speaking up.

Sonu went on to reply to a Twitter user to provide her help as her son is affected by pulmonary stenosis. While the actor mentioned all the details in the tweet, some seemed to not be convinced about the nature of it. Apart from the fact that the user had no Tweets, the tweet also did not tag Sonu.

In a matter of no time, it was Sonu Sood being questioned for what he has been doing. Earlier too, it was being said that he is doing all of this to enter into politics, but that is now in the past. This time around, Sood clarified his stance and also shared an excel sheet. However, it also raised questions stating how this belongs to last month.

The tweet we are talking about:


While the good people of the internet have indeed brought about revolutions, some things just don’t change. Though we question almost everything that seems to be done without vested interests, when will things change? A recent incident of Baba Ka Dhaba won over millions, but Sonu Sood being questioned isn’t all that fair, is it?

In fact, there have been instances when the actor also clarified what could have gone wrong. None the less, the questions haven’t stopped, and in fact, only seem to become a bigger issue, if anything. For some, the actor is truly a saviour, and it is what they think that truly matters.

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