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Monday, April 12, 2021

Stuck with the Monday blues? Here are some feel good films and shows to watch

If you’d ask us, Monday blues are felt most after a long weekend full of festivities. And this Monday happened to be one after the Diwali celebrations. While nothing beats good food, small gatherings, and good times, a new week is here after all. And so, the only thing that can solve our woes are some feel good films and shows.

While the Monday blues seem to have settled in after they kicked in, there’s still a nice day one can have. Given just how much we’ve all been enjoying our time during the pandemic with content online, it has become our go-to. As we write about this quick list right here, we want to binge on some of them too.

Check out our list of feel good films and shows here:

La La Land

Ryan Gosling is an absolute treat to watch while Emma Stone a star. The movie is one of the finest films of recent times, a beautiful musical to say the least. While not many would understand the film or the bigger meaning to it, there’s a smile that one has on their faces. It has recently come on Netflix and so, come to our recent attention as well.


Udaan is much like this stinging piece of feel-good film, yet, it leaves you wondering about so much. While the movie receives its due recognition much later, courtesy of social media, it has have always been an absolute masterpiece. Rajat Barmecha and Ronit Roy have outdone themselves, and so has the story, even after all this time!

Emily In Paris

Lily Collins has our heart in this one, especially because of the way her journey is shown in the series. If you are someone who enjoys traveling, you’ll feel so much alive, like you’re in Paris. With all the work she has been doing, the streets and beautiful flowers, this one right here is quite dreamy. The second season of the show is on its way and we can’t wait for it!

Permanent Roommates

I feel it is absolutely unfair to not talk about Permanent Roommates while talking about feel good films and shows. Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh have won hearts with this one and for all the right reasons. While this is a one of its kind genres for the Indian viewers when it first came out, it has now become a thing! The two also recently featured in Wakaalat From Home and it fared decent reviews!

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