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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Sushant Singh Rajput’s co-star Sandeep Nahar commits suicide, shares note on social media

Bollywood actor Sandeep Nahar commits suicide. This is the actor who has played roles alongside Akshay Kumar in Kesari and Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dhoni: The Untold Story, commits suicide. This actor shared a video message and long note before he ended his own life.

The video openly exposes the struggles of becoming an actor in Mumbai and politics of Bollywood, which is why Sandeep Nahar commits suicide. Sandeep also stated that he has been going through a lot of professional and personal problems, but not a single person from his family should be held responsible for his actions.

In the video, Sandeep talks about the changed behaviour of his wife, due to which he has come to his point. Even though he doesn’t blame her, he said that his wife and mother are the reason behind his mental trauma and no peace was left in his life anymore. Sandeep stated that his wife threatened him of committing suicide.

The note on Facebook read: “Life has changed drastically in the past 2 years and I cannot share these things with anyone. People might think that they are happy and everything is going well between them because we try to create a good image for the world, but the reality is opposite. We both don’t get along. From the past 2 years, she has told more than 100 times that she will commit suicide and get me arrested. But now fate has taken a turn and I have to take the drastic step instead. She fights with me, doesn’t respect me, badmouths my family, which now I cannot bear.” These were Sandeep’s words

A senior police officer stated that Sandeep Nahar’s wife was present in the house when this incident happened. “Upon realising what happened, she rushed him to two hospitals where he was declared brought dead.” the senior police officer stated. Right now, the Mumbai police hasn’t given out any official statement on the actor’s death and are awaiting for post-mortem reports.

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