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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Sushmita Sen on nepotism: It should be a fair game for everyone

Sushmita Sen has returned to the acting space after a long gap with Aarya, currently available on Hotstar. The actress won Femina Miss India and Miss Universe back in 1994 following her acting debut with Dastak in 1996. Sushmita has managed to give multiple hits and keep us entertained with her work. And now, we have views of Sushmita Sen on nepotism, something that many might agree to.

It is post Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise on June 14, 2020, that a debate around nepotism has taken over social media. While star kids have been receiving a lot of backlash, others have taken this moment to speak up. And so, the Aarya actress has also talked some sense into the ongoing debate.

When asked, says Sushmita Sen on nepotism: There has been a discussion about it all over the media and everywhere at this moment. (But) We all have been enduring it, it is not new. Is this something that we have just realised? That competitiveness – or now everybody says this word ‘nepotism’ – is a truth you have known for as long as the industry has existed. With awareness, social and digital space, it has increased thousands of folds.”

In fact, Sushmita also went on to speak about how there has always been a difference between the outsiders and insiders. However, the actress feels that what is needed is it is a fair game for everyone. The actress says, “People should not, in any profession, be destructive or envious of other people’s success.”

Making a fair point, elaborating further, Sushmita Sen on nepotism says, “You may not always applaud it but to be envious generates this kind of vicious circle where people just (think) ‘he thought bad of me now wait till his release, I will think bad of him’. It is a vicious circle that continues and nobody ends up gaining, everybody losses.”

Sushmita spoke about movies and her work too and revealed how she has a different definition of success and failures. While elaborating on the same, she says that if someone tells me she failed, she cannot hear them because it is not acceptable to her. Further, she says it gives her enough strength to continue if anything.

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