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Monday, April 12, 2021

Swapnil Shinde coming out as transwoman is a step that must be celebrated

Fashion Designer Swapnil Shinde, now Saisha Shinde, came out as a transwoman with a beautiful post talking about her struggle and also revealing her new identity.

Fashion designer Swapnil Shinde coming out as a transwoman is just another step in a progressive direction. Now known as Saisha Shinde, she took to social media to make the announcement. While it definitely is a matter of courage, it enables others in the community in more ways than on.

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and the first week saw a welcome announcement. Designer Saisha, popular for having styled designers like Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and others, wrote a heartfelt post. With her recent post, she decided to debut as a woman and in public as well. She wrote a lot of things about her experience in school, college, and more. Something that she cleared is how she is not a gay man, a little something many need to learn.

Check out the post of Swapnil Shinde coming out as a transwoman, now Saisha Shinde:

It was only recently that Elliot Page, popular for The Umbrella Academy and Juno, came out with a note as well. He took to social media as well to talk about it and mentioned the struggles he is aware of having to face. Shinde, also spoke about her journey so far, among other stereotypes she was subjected to. Swapnil Shine coming out as Saisha is indeed a win, and truly must be a celebration.

To come around one’s sexuality and own it, is indeed an important step, a major life-changer for those who make it. While it is for the great good that lies ahead, it also is a welcome move for the trans community in the country. Swapnil Shinde coming out as a transwoman is a lot for representation, but also a lot about liberation. We don’t have as many people coming out about their identity, and yet, they suffer.

If anything, we must celebrate and thank Saisha for this move, for proving how things are changing at home as well.

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