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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tandav controversy: Amazon Prime Video officials summoned

Things just don’t change in India, do they? For the longest time now, there has been a call for a boycott of Tandav, and we’ve had enough. However, it looks like it is not enough after all. The Tandav controversy only grew bigger, or possibly made to look bigger! As per the reports in ANI, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has summoned Amazon Prime Video officials and makers of Tandav.

It’s like the controversy in India regarding anything to do with politics is just what everyone needs. Democracy? Well, those who are sitting at mid-levels are sure not the kind trying to uphold what it means, not a handful of them at least. As per the reports, a criminal action with the UP police has been filed for hurting religious sentiments. While I&B Ministry has summoned Amazon Prime officials, the makers are in a soup as well. Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam has filed the complaint. Is it as much of a Tandav web series controversy, or a political one?

A media advisor to UP CM Yogi Adityanath, Shalabh Mani Tripathi stated the following:

“There is no tolerance for playing with people’s sentiments in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh. A serious case has been registered against the entire team of Tandav, which is spreading hate in the guise of cheap web series. Prepare for arrest.”

So basically, people are not going to stop at boycott trends only, but instead, take it a step ahead. As the Tandav controversy only becomes bigger, it does raise a question on its a free world and freedom of expression. With the reports about a censor body for web content earlier, these outrages only seem to become closer to reality.

While to all the people siding with the ban on Tandav, they’d rather not watch it. It is a free world, and the summons to Amazon Prime officials as well as the makers is absolutely enraging. It’s like calling for a ban wasn’t enough so they summoned Prime Video Officials as the makers now. As the people of Uttar Pradesh, among others, seem to talk about religious sentiments, maybe this is also a good time to talk about the Islamophobia prevalent? Or when it comes to that, things change and everything happening becomes just about fine.

It is appalling just how we do everything and anything in the name of Gods, Gods that are laughing at us right now in all probabilities. But hey, we’ll send out complaints and file FIRs, only not for the causes that actually matter.

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